A Real Voice for Georgia

Georgia farmers, ranchers, and agriculture industry help feed our families, and the world, they deserve our support and appreciation, and they deserve an Agriculture Commissioner that believes Georgia agriculture as a critical part of the strength of our communities and will get productive results.

Promoting Georgia Agriculture

One of the biggest responsibilities of the Agriculture Commissioner is promoting Georgia agricultural products around the nation, and the world. Fred will be a strong advocate for Georgia agriculture and a ceaseless champion of the quality of Georgia's agricultural products, helping our state's products find new markets and gain advantages over competitors.

Protecting and Expanding Georgia's Agricultural Future

From organic to urban farming, environmentally friendly farming practices, medical marijuana, and industrial hemp, Fred will be a forward looking Agriculture Commissioner that supports new and innovative Agricultural practices and decisions. Fred recognizes that agriculture is changing, and that climate change is real. Georgia agricultural practices need to adapt to new realities, and adopt innovations and crops that will create economic growth. Positive change must be encouraged, not hindered by excessive regulation.

Saving The Farm and Strengthening our Agricultural Communities

Our farmers are getting older, small farms are getting pushed out of the marketplace, and many of our agricultural communities are struggling. Rather than neglecting the problem, Fred will lead in advocating for policies and solution that strengthen Georgia's agricultural communities and help save the farm and ranch.

Fred will champion agricultural education programs that help nurture the next generation of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, and advocate policies that help agricultural communities such as better rural healthcare, and rural broadband access. Too many of our young people do not see a future in agriculture, and that has to change.

Ensuring Safe Food for Our Children and Families

As a father of two, Fred is always mindful of the food his family consumes, and will take this same approach as Agriculture Commissioner when it comes to oversight and regulation that helps ensure safe food for our families and our schools. We can't expect big Agriculture to regulate itself, and we can't put profits over health and safety. One food safety scare, is one too many.

Standing up for Farmers and Farm Workers

Fred will stand against exploitative labor practices, and hostile anti-immigrant legislation that undermines our state's agricultural workforce. We can't put profits over people, and food should never be left rotting in the field because of ideological grandstanding by politicians in Atlanta and Washington.

Protecting Consumers

Fred will ensure the Department of Agriculture is leading the fight against identity theft, fraud, and scams as part of the oversight of supermarkets and convenience stores that is a responsibility of the department. Georgia consumers will have a watchdog on their side.

A real voice for Georgia Agriculture

Tariffs that trigger a trade war, a bad farm bill, a loss of water rights, and a lack of disaster relief are all major challenges potentially facing Georgia agriculture. Fred will be a real voice for Georgia agriculture and stand against policies and neglect that could destroy livelihoods and our agricultural future.

Addressing Food Insecurity and Reducing Hunger

Too many Georgians, especially children and families, are trapped in food insecure situations. The food and nutrition available to every Georgian should come as much as possible from healthy local products. Fred will initiate and support efforts to reduce food insecurity and food deserts, reduce hunger, and promote better school nutrition to ensure that every Georgian can thrive.